Fusion Industries specializes in solutions for wireless communication networks. We have served our Permian and Oklahoma clients for several years in providing full installation of Mesh Network devices and Point-to-Point on Rohn SSV and RSL towers, install proper cables treys, connectors/ wires, and energized network devices using existing power source or solar systems.


  • Initiate Spectrum analysis on running frequencies
  • Design proprietary layout of towers to serve spectral efficiency
  • Utilize the Industry-Leading technology radios to achieve the highest throughput available.
  • Calculate accurate performance for long-distance outdoor wireless applications
  • Deployment flexibility of pre-configured radios for instant add-on sites and emergencies.
  • Install Mesh-Points that meets specific spectrum requirements, anywhere around the world.
  • Maximization in every link-throughput to allow for upgrades; on-site surveillance, WIFI and VOIP
  • 24/7 Support and monitoring to all paths of networks from the ISP to end-devices.

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 Surveillance Systems


 Fusion Industries has deployed the next generation of the Video surveillance management system. All of our systems record 4K and 1080p HD video, day or night, indoor or outdoor. The powerful software management allowed our clients to review on-site incidents and movements in the event of hazard situations.

Surveillance systems Installation Includes:

  • Detailed survey on site to determine perimeters and property boundaries.
  • Provide projected layout of surveillance coverage
  • Installation flexibility of cameras to fit client’s needs
  • Provide local and cloud storage options of video recordings
  • Secure the surveillance systems with credential sets and authentications


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