One of the things I like best about Rick is his character and work ethic.  If he says he is going to do something he does it.  In today’s world that means a lot to me.  Rick’s knowledge of the many different systems out there is amazing to me.  He is always thinking outside the box and looking for a better way to do things.  I really appreciate how Rick goes the extra mile so that all parties involved get what they need to accomplish their goals together.

Lonnie Teel
City superintendent of Anthony, KS

Having worked in the cooperative rural electric business for thirty years, meeting and working with Rick was a rewarding first.  The oil industry has not needed or been professionally active in the electric supply business.  Today’s electric requirements caused by revolutionary horizontal drilling techniques has created that necessity.  Rick was a key element in educating the Oil Industry in how to work with the utilities to achieve mutually achievable goals.

Joe Harris
CEO of Kay Electric